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LOS ANGELES If you feel like time is fleeting and madness has taken its toll, then you are ready to do the Warp dance again. Thursday.

This is the latest in the new trend of the networks staging musicals for the TV audience. Fox previously presented Live, and ABC has announced plans to present a musical but has not released which show. NBC has been the most active, having produced Pan, Sound of Music and Wiz. It has scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Unlike the previous musical presentations, Horror will not air live. Fox president of entertainment David Madden explains the decision was made so that it feels like a movie experience. The company plans to look at more musicals, including live presentations.

As for Horror, the Fox version features Victoria Justice, Ryan McCartan, Laverne Cox, Adam Lambert, Tim Curry; Reeve Carney, Christina Milian, Ben Vereen, Annaleigh Ashford, Staz Nair and Ivy Levan. Curry is the only member of the 1975 feature film in the new cast. He goes from playing Dr. Frank N Furter to the role of The Criminologist.

actually offered myself as Dr. Scott because I was already in a wheelchair. They thought the narrator was a better fit, and I enjoyed it a lot,
hugo boss orange polo Watertown Daily Times
Curry says. Four years ago, Curry suffered a stroke that left him in a wheelchair.

Although he has a long resume, Horror is the production most associated with Curry. As for whether playing a sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania has helped or hampered his career, Curry says really not a lot I can do about it really. Cox take on the role of Frank N Furter is the answer to a lifelong dream. Director/choreography Kenny Ortega didn cast Cox to have a transwoman playing the role, but because Cox turned in the best audition.

a force. Five octave range. A degree in dance from a major university. Acting her heart out in New York and studying for over 15 years. Walking in and bringing something into the room that made us all realize there was no B plan, that if we could land this person in this role, that she had so much to give to it, a life experience, an incredible depth of talent, an enthusiasm, and a respect, an incredible respect for this film, all that has mattered, Ortega says. is not a transvestite, nor is Laverne. They both incredible, iconic actors that have accomplished a tremendous amount beyond these roles in their careers. So that really what we were looking for. takes over a role that made Curry legendary. His work in the original stage productions and feature film versions of Horror was a key reason the movie became a cult favorite.

Ortega wants to make sure the loyal fans are not turned off by the new version, while still giving the television musical some original moments.

we first embarked on developing this re imagining of Horror Picture Show, the very first thing that was laid out was that we wanted to celebrate the fans with this new departure and that also that we wanted to bring in a cast that didn have to fill in anyone else shoes but just to wear their own proudly,
hugo boss orange polo Watertown Daily Times
Ortega says.

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