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i am currently in the process of dwindling my

jewellery stash, from vintage geegaws, to handmade beaded tangibles, plus unworn swarovski fineries previously sold at my mum pushcart. all for remarkably low, thriftstore prices.

that not all, munchkins. i a behemothic collection of bags, clothes and shoes up for grabs. make a deal. and it yours. it a clearing out closet sale not to be missed.

pretty pretty things! keep checking back i be posting excessively in due time.

as prismatic as rainbow sushi!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

ok, was groping for some sort of magical opening for this entry to compensate for the relatively long abandonment. but ohmyohfuckingmyohmy! my thoughts, together with my painting skills have dried up and withered like my awful split ends.

brilliant. now i equally suck at painting and writing.

so for now, the pictures will speak for me. only for now, ok cos a psychobabble won ever lose her adroitness in talking shit.

no we not lost, and yes we retarded.

That the amount I spent on shoes and clothes on my last pay check, excluding the remainder which evaporated from my purse and teleported itself into the bank vaults of food production companies.

Screw the whole idea of adopting an inner child. I think it time to get in touch with my Inner Wallet. With only a coupla dollars to last me till my next pay day, I am so totally fucked.

Lesson learnt. And the punishment I only leave the house (aside from going to school/ work) when abducted. Or at knifepoint.

So now, despite Hilmi relentless persuasion of trying to get me to chill outdoors, I being the stubborn Bull that I am and myself at home to complete my assignments.

But I shud known better. Being stuck at home during PMS with absolutely no food to satisfy my constant cravings is, by far, the darnedest thing to do. Even more insane than spending 321bux within 2 weeks. And it just so happens that I have a massive craving for Cheese Fries rite now. At 11:42pm. drool

Something tearing inside me. The extremely irascible and slavering wolverine is back, trying to claw its way out of my abdomen via my oesophagus. I a glutton for punishment, I really am. I need to join a psychological weight watchers to weigh up my excess emotions yesterday two tantrums, the day before, three sulks; today close to one nervous breakdown.

All for no bloody reason. One minute I was convulsing with laughter at my mum witticism, the next moment I just radiated to a numb silence at the thought of how lame the joke actually was. Good Gawd.

And PMS can sometimes make you feel so ugly that you worry if people so much as glance at you they need a cornea transplant, pronto. It as if UFO rays from some outer galaxy have been beamed into your brain making you agonize over, of all things, chipped toenails.

The cramps. I never had them. But sometimes I wish I do anything to replace this temporary insanity that occurs every single month, without fail. Given a choice, I rather be nursing bloody aches all around than having to put up with the unruly child who looks alot like me, but behaves like a ill natured, fault finding imbecile.

Ouh, hell no. She doesn look like me. Tell me that haggard, sleep deprived, tangle haired visage peering back at me is someone else.

She disappear, I promise. Next week, the low maintenance, high value, worldly me be back.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

I oughta have done this eons ago, but i only recently started gaining momentum to update after more than 3 mths of absence. I really do need that kick in the ass, that bit of motivating factor before I take action.

I spent the bulk of my off day indulging in an eye straining exercise of watching the tube and reading Haruki Murakami bestselling The Elephant Vanishes. And it only till 8ish when I realised I hadta attend a get together at indochine tonite to celebrate Nada 22nd burfdae. Too late. I berating myself endless now, cos as if conveniently forgetting the celebration wasn bad enough, realisation just dawned on this lil miss knucklehead that her close friend birthday falls rite after Nada it already half past midnite. Thank goodness he was really nice about it. I wasn the first to wish him but he replied Alaaa stil u are the best 2 me, coz i like ur enthusiasm n sincerity. Now that a plus. Heh heh. Since he incorporated Makcik Keropok into my bagful of nicknames that has stuck with me thru d whole skulyr, I told him I send a big ass kropok with 22 candles onnit to his doorstep. But nooo ho ho, the dude wants a car. Tsk tsk. And I thot I was the spoilt one.

Ouh, and did I mention I lost all the weight that I gained earlier this year Well whaddya noe. Just 3wks of having irregular meals and now I back to square one. Which only means one thing. My new yr resolution will be the same as the last. I will do anything i can, even indulge in 5 meals per day, to get back my desired weight.
us polo watch we're just a bunch of ones and zeros away

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