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Some residents are asking Lampeter Strasburg school leaders to explain why a children’s book about a boy who wears a dress was read to a kindergarten class without parents being alerted.

“The overriding issue for me is parent notification,” said Timothy White, the father of a kindergarten student who is in a different Lampeter Elementary School class than the one where the book was read.

“This is a story of a boy who feels most comfortable wearing dresses and other clothes that are ordinarily thought of to be just for girls,” the teacher wrote to parents.

In her one page note, the teacher said the book emphasizes the need to be kind to people, and what people wear is not important. It raises issues of bullying. She invited parents with questions to contact her or the counselor.

Six residents addressed the school board on Jan. 5 about parent notification concerns. About 30 residents attended the meeting.

Kevin Peart, L S superintendent,
water polo world rankings wearing boy is read to Lampeter students
in an interview said the board will discuss parental notification at a workshop meeting, possibly Feb. 17.

Peart said no parent of a student in the classroom where the book was read spoke at the board meeting. He declined to say whether parents of students in the class were satisfied with how the teacher handled the issue.

“I think our staff did a very caring and nurturing job with sensitivity,” Peart said.

He said the book is not part of the district’s curriculum, and he had no knowledge of the book being read to an L S class before.

“It was never about proselytizing or promoting a lifestyle we recognize the community is uncomfortable with,” Peart said. 2 email. He said a family associated with his church has a child in the class where the book was read and was troubled.

In an interview Friday, Mitchell did not address concerns about the book’s content. He stressed only that the school erred in not notifying parents before it was read to children.

“It’s not about that book. It’s not about a little boy wearing a dress. And it’s not about banning books being read,” Mitchell said Friday. “I just want the opportunity to know the book is being read. . I don’t want to be surprised as a parent.”
water polo world rankings wearing boy is read to Lampeter students

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