georgia tech polo teachers discuss buying school clothes

pink polo shirts for men teachers discuss buying school clothes

According to the National Retail Federation

Back to School means:

More families have kids in school thanks to the large generation of Millennials who are parents of school aged children which is boosting total back to school spending to near record levels.

Plans to shop at discount stores are down slightly, but it still the most popular destination for both back to school and back to college shopping.

The largest portion of back to school shopping budgets goes toward apparel and electronics. Not only are new clothes and devices a necessity, but these items are also a way for students to express their personalities.

Ashlee Martinelli, a Mountain Top mother of four boys, 5, 9, 10 and 11, takes back to school shopping seriously.

On a recent afternoon, at Old Navy, Martinelli eagerly texted photos of about 10 pairs of khaki pants, consistent with the school uniform, to her husband, to celebrate her mission accomplished. She said late summer discounts help make shopping easier and more affordable.

for all but one of my kids were only $10, she said. they usually grow out of them during the school year. daunting, she said, but a uniform or dress code, at St. Jude School in Mountain Top has made it easier and more affordable because she can get her shopping done more quickly, buying similar items for all her boys.

can get everything done at once, she said.

Across the Wyoming Valley area, parents are facing similar challenges. Uniforms or dress code directives are the same for Valley school districts, including Wyoming Area, Hanover Township, Wyoming Valley West and Wilkes Barre. Schools require clothes fit appropriately and be secured at the waist with a belt. For the hotter months, shorts that are two to three inches above the knew are allowed. The same goes for collared dresses. The Greater Nanticoke and Crestwood school districts do not have formal dress codes but students are prohibited from wearing ripped clothes and workout wear. Acceptable footwear includes sneakers and closed toe shoes.

Khaki pants in solid colors are acceptable for all districts, as are polo shirts, button down shirts and solid colored belts. Wyoming Area School District offers more flexibility, allowing jeans and T shirts.

The required attire adds up financially. The National Retail Federation reports an average household, with two adults and two children, spends more than $600 on back to school clothes and supplies.

So, where can you find the best deals? Stores including Old Navy, Target, Wal Mart and Kmart offer affordable options.

The subject of dress codes has been a touchy one for many students and their parents.

According to Facebook response to dress codes, after Wyoming Area School Board voted in favor, some say required clothing will put a financial burden on families. Others say they like that students can compete on the field and in the classroom, rather than in front of a mirror.

Wyoming Area senior Kim Ferrara said even though she used to dressing up in clothing that would comply with the dress code; other students might feel inhibited.

big thing is about comfort, she said. can really learn if you in jeans and a polo shirt and you not focusing, because you feel uncomfortable. I not planning on wearing the clothes after high school. for school supplies, lists vary from school to school but many teachers request students come to school on the first day with the basics and shop for specifics later.

Wendy Day Yedlock, a junior high teacher in the Crestwood School District, said she provides a list of supplies to her students, but some of them wait a few days into the school year to finalize the shopping. One can go wrong with a few pencils, pens, folders and a back pack, she added.

Yedlock daughter, Ashly, is an eighth grader at Hanover Township and Yedlock tries to stock her up with supplies for the first day.

Michael Stofko, a teacher at Holy Redeemer School, said, give my list with my class syllabus and expectations the first few days. Usually I require a three ring binder, loose leaf and blue or black ink pens. those struggling with finances, some schools have assistance. Most area schools have clothing items available. Linda Pauline, a teacher at Holy Family Academy in Hazleton, said the PTA raises money to have supplies on hand for students.
georgia tech polo teachers discuss buying school clothes

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