polo club apartments tallahassee fl Teen boys have an odd passion for sneakers

polos greenwood sc Teen boys have an odd passion for sneakers

And the whispered negotiation continued until we walked out with that less expensive but in no way cheap pair of shoes with an agreement involving the payment of some allowance and Christmas money.

This exchange comes from a kid happy to wear the same pair of pants and socks for seven consecutive days. Also, his interest in hoops is more of a neighborhood game of horse than anything resembling real competition.

But when it comes to sneakers, he’s a meticulous pro.

For generations, teen girls have gotten the bad rap for amassing closets full of clothes, fashion jewelry and makeup. Shoes are now a shared passion among adolescent genders.

Teen boys talk in a foreign language of shoes.

It’s not just Vans, Jordans, Nike Lebrons, Kobes, Sperrys and Converse. There are the Air Jordan 1s, 3s, 5s and 11s and something called Gatorades. All shoes seem to feature these endless model variations.

Apparently Kevin Durants, aka “KDs,” are not to be purchased in Oklahoma, even if sold for less than $100.

The experience of buying shoes with my son is as trying on the patience as finding a girl’s junior prom dress. It seemed like an entire wall of sneakers were placed upon that kid’s feet.

He jumped, jogged, walked and modeled in front of a mirror. He fretted over the colors and spent easily an hour in the store.

He wanted the ones costing $200. I reminded him I wanted to be Miss America, but we can’t just get what we want.

After arriving at our agreement and leaving the store happy, it’s been encouraging to see the level of ownership in this bit of material possession. The sneakers are placed on a bedroom shelf of honor and inspected daily for blemishes.

We both learned a little something through this shopping experience.

My first reaction was to say no, maybe mock it as materialistic folly. But teen brains are wired differently, and this is a kid who doesn’t put a lot of thought into fashion. If he was serious, I would be, too.

So, I listened. He did as well.

Recognizing his tastes run expensive, he was willing to chip in his own money. He took my advice and tried on the shoes, sometimes several times, to avoid making a rash decision.

It was one of the first grown up exchanges we’ve had. I remember those times when he was a child constantly asking for everything he saw in a store, just like all kids do.
polo club apartments tallahassee fl Teen boys have an odd passion for sneakers

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