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sports polo The best mothers in the world

Here’s to the mothers of the world. They make sure we are fed, happy and warm. They take care of us when we are sick, pick us up when we fall and brush off our dusty knees. They comfort us in the middle of the night, they read and reread us bedtime stories, and according to a students at Twelfth Avenue Elementary, they buy a lot of video games. With Mother’s Day approaching this Sunday, Derek Cockram’s Grade 4/5 students shared their thoughts on why they have the best mothers. From sushi chefs to account managers and homemakers, all of them are the best.

My mother’s name is Pearl. She is beautiful; she is an accountant manager of Future Shop and Best Buy Canada.

I know you might be asking, what is the best present that she gave me. Well, she gave me my life, without her this document would’ve never been written. That is a big sacrifice in life you know. It was a wonderful time. I went with not only my mother, but with my dad and with my sister. We went there to visit. We were newcomers.

My mom’s name is Nibool. My mom is pretty and looks like me. I think my mom is very brave because she flew all the way from Sudan to Egypt and to Canada. I also think my mom’s brave because she raised four children of her own and now has a happy life in Canada.

The best thing my mom has done for me is taking care of me.

The most important thing my mom has taught me is not to talk to strangers and to not give out any information. That has helped me because I’m still here in a wonderful world with my family

My mom is really nice. The best present my mom has ever got me is a Little Lets Pet Shop electronic and a Nintendo DS. A Little Lets Pet Shop is like having a real pet that you have to bathe, feed and clean.

I have the best mother in the whole universe. My mother is Jun. She is a sushi maker.

She has taught me not to be selfish and share with others. It has helped me make new friends every week.

The best day my mother and I had was at the PNE in summer. I was with my mother and little brother. We went on the Atmosphere. We also went on other rides. The Atmosphere was high.

The best present my mother ever gave me was an orange yo yo. I felt happy when I got it because it was my birthday.

The most important thing she has done for me is take care of me so I will not die, freeze to death or starve, but my mom also does more for me. She is the best mother in the whole universe anyone can have.

I have the best mother. Her name is Lily. She is 43 years old. She was born in Beijing,
polo club apartments tallahassee fl The best mothers in the world
China. while I’m at school. My mother helps me when I’m sick. She gives me medicine and cheers me up. She always makes me feel better. My mother also helps me with Chinese because then I can understand more words. When I learn all (or most) of the Chinese words I can go to my home city, Beijing, China. That’s where my grandparents live and where most of my family live. The best present she ever gave me was Yu Gi Oh cards because I can play against my brother. Unfortunately I usually lose. Last summer my family plus another family went camping at Cultus Lake. It took almost two hours to get there. We camped on Entrance Bay. After camping we went to Cultus Lake Water Park. It was real cool. All of those things that I wrote about in this story make me think of my mother. While you are reading this you should picture my mother. She is AWESOME!

I have the best mother. My mother’s name is Subby. She is nice, tall, pretty, young and skinny.

My mother does a lot of things for me but the best thing she does for me is help me with math.

Whenever I need help with something, she helps me with it. My mother has taught me a lot of things. Two important things that she taught me are to be nice and also to stand up for myself. It helps me because if someone is bullying me, I can stand up for myself, and by being nice to everyone I have lots of friends.

My mother gives me really, really nice presents, but one present is the best present ever. I got two beautiful bunnies that are very cute. The reason she bought two bunnies is because my sister and I really wanted bunnies. I felt really happy inside because she actually bought them for us. That is the nicest thing ever.

The best day that I remember having with my mom is at Disney World. It was very fun. My mom and I had a lot of fun together. We went in this really cool place that had all the clothes that famous people wore. It was really cool because for the first time I got to see the clothes they wore up close.

My mother’s name is Jenny. She is a banker. She is 43. The thing that makes my mother special is that she was born in a very poor environment in China where three to four people stay in a room.

The most important thing my mother does for me is give me advice. It keeps me responsible. The most important thing that my mother has taught me is to value things. It taught me to not waste anything.

The best present my mother gave me is a Nintendo 3DS. It’s a video game console and you can play games on it. I feel thankful for it.

The best day I remember spending with my mother is going to Disneyland. I was with my mom ,my dad, my grandpa and my grandma. I went on rides.

I have the best mother. What does she looks like? She is the same size as me. She works as a casino worker, but someday she is going to be a phone agent. The important thing my mother does for me is she helps me with my homework and takes it so seriously and it helps me learn a lot. My mother gave me a present and it is my brother. My brother looks like a normal brother he is Grade 1 at Twelfth Avenue school. My brother makes me happy. The important thing my mother taught me is how to use the Internet. It helps me find amazing things.

The best day I spent with my mother was going and having a party at my Auntie’s birthday. It was at a restaurant and people I know were there.

My mother’s name is Emy. She is a homemaker. She was born in Indonesia and then in about 2003, she moved to Canada with my father and me. The most important thing she does for me is she prepares my lunch because if she doesn’t I won’t have any lunch because I don’t have any time to prepare it.

The best present she has ever given to me was a Wii. I played it just about all the time and I wanted a Wii since I was small.
polo club apartments tallahassee fl The best mothers in the world

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