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“She was running down the street and she had no shoes or socks on and it was cold so I knew something was up,” neighbor Tevin Pitts told WLWT News 5. “Her nose was bleeding and she couldn’t see and she kept asking for help.”

Deputies said they were looking for a white man wearing a brown leather coat and a black man wearing a black leather coat.

“She was sprawled out on the ground balling her eyes out,” Pitts said.

The president of the Cincinnati area board of Realtors said these types of attacks were rare.

“Does it surprise me? The answer is that it always surprises me when it happens. And the answer is that I think we have to have a greater awareness of what’s going on around us,” Kevin Kelly said.

Kelly said there were seminars to help prevent these types of attacks.

“Things like buddy systems, awareness. So when you get into a home, if you’re going to be working at an open house for instance one of the things would be to make sure you have all the lights on, make sure you know access points because safety is one of our primary concerns,” Kelly said.
marco polo gateway robbed at Butler Co

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