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The news doesn’t get any better for Murphy, now the subject of a new FBI probe into one of his donors.

“The Hill” newspaper reports, the FBI is investigating the campaign spending of the son of a Saudi billionaire. Ibrahim Al Rashid, of Miami, is alleged by Republican leaders who filed the complaint, of making illegal campaign donations to Murphy, other Democratic candidates and the committees and Political Action Committees that support them.

The so called “Straw Donor” scheme in the allegation describes donations that were made under fictitious names or by people with fictitious titles at fake companies.

Rubio called it more of the same for Murphy.

“The voters are going to look at all that. We can’t afford at this moment in our history with so many issues before the country to send someone to the Senate with these clouds over their heads,” Rubio said.

FEC records show Al Rashid, in his name, donated $380,000 in “soft money” to PAC’s that support Democrats and another $38,900 to Murphy {$13,350 just to Murphy} and other candidates including former Governor Charlie Crist, now a Democratic candidate in St. Petersburg Congress District 13.

Money also went to a committee (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee or DCCC} and a PAC (House Majority PAC) that support local candidates Val Demings in Congress District 10 and Stephanie Murphy in Congress District 7.

So far there is no indication from the FBI that Patrick Murphy or others were aware of an investigation into Al Rashid’s donations.

“Our campaign follows the letter of the law. No one on the campaign has been contacted. And as you saw in the story, it’s a lot of speculation,” Murphy said.

The new polling numbers, on top of the decision by some outside parties to withdraw Senate campaign funding from Patrick Murphy in early October, have one executive with Quinnipiac University, Peter Brown, reacting this way, “One would certainly rather be in Mr. Rubio’s shoes today, than Mr. Murphy’s.”
us polo sneakers Rubio leads Murphy

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