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is on a very short list of communities, Murphy said Friday afternoon at the YMCA of Trenton when asked by a Trentonian reporter if his administration will partner with the city to combat crime. it goes, so goes New Jersey . The partner for the mayor of this great community has got to first and foremost be the governor and I want to be that partner. with local police, partnering with the state police, bringing together our resources with our federal partners to address violent crime, to address addiction, to address many community issues.

can be all on the law enforcement, said Grewal, who is the country first Sikh attorney general. has to be getting involved in the communities that we serving as well. Those are initiatives that we intend to implement in the months and years to come.

Before the governor spoke, city resident Glenda Torres shared how her world was shattered from gun violence.

Her son, Benjamin Ben DaVila, 23, was killed in a drive by shooting on Passaic Street while sitting on his grandfather porch in 2012.

10, 2012 is a date for so many that was ordinary and regular, said Torres, who was wearing a red Moms Demand Action shirt. for my family and I, it a date that we will never forget . The pain I experienced that day is a pain I hope no other mother should have to overcome.

was a start of a new beginning and a path forward the path that we as parents only hope our kids will follow as we cheer them on and watch them follow their dreams, Torres said. his dreams were taken away from him on that unforgettable day in Trenton.

At the press conference on Friday, Murphy also outlined that his administration will rescind his predecessor attempt to expand concealed carry beyond what already on the books.

Jersey cannot and must not become part of the race to the bottom that we seeing across the county, Murphy said. are already too many guns in our streets and simply adding more to the equation will not make us or our communities any safer. This is about common sense. This is about our communities and it poignant and important in a community like Trenton in particular.

The original law stated threats or previous attacks demonstrating a special danger to the applicant life, allowed for a concealed carry permit, the attorney general said.

over 20 years in this state, the law and rules for handgun carry permits were clear and they were consistent, Grewal said. citizens wishing to carry a handgun had to show a justifiable need. They had to demonstrate an urgent necessity and a specific threat to their life to get a handgun carry permit. Generalized fears and concerns were not enough to meet standard. President Steve Sweeney (D Gloucester) said the legislature opposed Christie change to the gun law.
discount polo shirt of cities to help combat crime

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