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Some of the items included a white trash bag containing apparent box spring lining, pieces of wood and filling for an apparent box spring, a paper sack containing three pieces of light brown carpet from the stairs leading to the basement, rubber gloves, scour pads and a scrub brush.

Jessica O’Grady’s family has said that their focus is on finding Jessica,
original penguin polo shirt O Case Details
not on the criminal case.

“She’s the one we need to focus on,” said Shauna Stanzel, Jessica’s aunt. “We don’t want to focus on Chris Edwards. You never stop thinking about it, never stop thinking about Jessica.”

Through his attorney, Edwards has said that he is an innocent man. He remains in jail at this time.

It also appears that from the phone records requested,
original penguin polo shirt O Case Details
the sheriff’s office has tried to figure out where Edwards spent his time following O’Grady’s disappearance using cell phone towers.

Edwards’ attorney had no comment on the search warrant but found it interesting that the documents were released to the public before the defense had a chance to see the paperwork.

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