puritan polo shirts Old magazines have many uses

girl polo shoes Old magazines have many uses

are looking for old National Geographics to use in making abstract paintings. The magazines are difficult to locate and would be of great use to crafts organizations.”

Betsy Creamer, via email, wrote: “Please consider veterans hospitals. They love them. We took 40 years’ worth and were met at the door eagerly.”

Al Bayless in Kihei, Hawaii, wrote: “I give them to a doctor or dentist to put in the waiting room. I once asked a doctor why he didn’t subscribe to it for his office. He said, ‘Because they are stolen so quickly.’ So, please donate them.”


Bob, the first rule of camping or staying the night in a wilderness cabin is: Shake out shoes! Don’t just put your hand or foot into footwear! You never know what may have crawled in. Heloise

Dear Heloise: I love this time of year, when the holidays have come to an end but there are plenty of leftover candy canes. I use them to stir my coffee and tea for an added hint of mint. Jerry H. in Colorado
puritan polo shirts Old magazines have many uses

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