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Viola Davis teaches the government how to get away with murder in Squad. She an agent pressuring the world most dangerous criminals to do her dirty deeds. But once the arson all stars realize their mission is destined for failure they have to decide whether to complete it, or try to escape. Squad is rated PG 13.

Kevin spacey breaks out the claws in Lives. He plays a workaholic with time for everything but his family. So when he buys a birthday kitten for his daughter big day, a curse turns his life into a house of cats. Spacey is trapped in the body of a fuming feline, and only love can set him free. Lives is rated PG.

David Oyelowo goes through all the stages of grief in Nights in Maine. The star loses his wife to an accident,
polo boots men The Daily Scoop
and then travels hundreds of miles to comfort his estranged mother in law. But Dianne Wiest ain havin it and turns the visit into a hostile encounter. Nights in Maine is in theaters and on demand.

Teenage boys have no escape from New York in Men. 13 year old Jake moves to Brooklyn with his dad. He makes a fast friend when he meets tony. But when Jake’s dad closes Tony’s family shop, the boys become pawns in a squabble that could ruin lives. Men is in select theaters.

Viewers got a sneak peek at the sporty outfits that Team USA athletes will wear in Rio at the 2016 summer Olympic Parade of Nations today.

Designed by Polo Ralph Lauren, the uniform features a deep navy blazer with gold buttons, repp stripe trim and a signature polo pony embroidered on the left breast pocket.
polo boots men The Daily Scoop

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