polo onesies THE RALPH LAUREN LABELS in roughly descending

polo big tall THE RALPH LAUREN LABELS in roughly descending

Ralph Lauren Purple Label

The top Ralph Lauren label, and by far the most expensive. A slightly schizophrenic line with some items being tailored versions of classic styles, and other items having a more whimsical nature. Superlative materials, superlative construction. Apparently, OTR RLPL suits are no longer made as a shift to pure MTM suits occurs.


Ralph Lauren black label

The most ‘modern of the Ralph Lauren lines, with a slimmer ‘modern cut and silhouette. The second most prestigiousRalph Lauren label, with prices higher than PRL, but still less than RLPL.

3. Ralph Ralph Lauren, or ‘Double RL A line with heavy western and vintage themed items (inspired by Ralph Lauren ranch!), contains items of mostly excellent quality. The styling of this line is for the large part extremely distinctive, and may not be everyone cup of tea.

4. PRL

Polo Ralph Lauren = Ralph Lauren blue label

Ralph Lauren as most of us know it. A real mixed bag when it comes to quality, ranging from superb made in Italy pieces to absolutely terrible stuff made elsewhere. neon colours,
polo onesies THE RALPH LAUREN LABELS in roughly descending
etc) thrown in. Value varies likewise. One may occasionally run into pieces from a (now discontinued) Italian made line known as ‘Signature Line (Corneliani construction, apparently on par with RLBL/RLPL construction), with a higher armholes and slimmer fit than PRL as well.

5. Rugby

Youth oriented line, apparently aimed at college students. The focus is on style, and a slightly ‘fashion forward interpretation of classic Trad staples. Quality overlaps heavily with PRL, but the quality of the Italy made PRL always Rugby.

6. RLX

Slightly difficult to classify in this lineup, a sports/performance line of clothing. Quality apparently varies from good to average.

7. Lauren by Ralph Lauren (LRL, sometimes known as green label)

Ralph Lauren lost control of the ownership of this brand name to the Jones New York Apparel Group in a court battle. Contains clothing of almost invariably inferior quality manufactured specifically for discount outlets and lower end departmental stores. Do not confuse LRL with a ‘real Ralph Lauren product! Has a ‘silver label line with a slimmer cut, but the same poor quality yum!

8. Chaps (Ralph Lauren)

Has a story similar to Lauren by Ralph Lauren, a brand that has been spun off from the Ralph Lauren umbrella and contains items that, incredibly,
polo onesies THE RALPH LAUREN LABELS in roughly descending
are of even lower quality than LRL. Now beginning to be known as ‘Chaps alone.

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