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The player of the week has been dominated by football players so far. That how it probably will continue, based on the number of players. But this week we branched out to volleyball, where Topsail Angie Poage had a stellar week. In two wins, Poage had 34 assists, 17 digs, four kills, and 11 aces to be well deserving of player of the week honors. She all about setting others up.

StarNews contributor Robert Demetrious caught up with Poage before practice for a brief Q does it mean to you to win POY?

People that don’t know the sport they don’t really pay much attention to the setters a lot of the time. It’s like, “Oh she hit that really hard,” and stuff like that, so it means a lot to me to be recognized for doing something good.

Why do you think you are worthy of POY?

This year I got the chance to be captain so now every game is like not just for me but for (Hill) Pearsall (head coach) and everyone else on the team. I feel like I try my hardest to keep that position and as a setter I bring the plays in and bring the team together so I have to be the loudest one on the court.

How is your team progressing this year?

We’re really good. We get along better this year. We’re more of a team this year. We have a couple things to work on but we’re definitely better.

What do you think caused the disconnect in past years?

In the past we were known for not talking and once we’d get down we’d kind of just shut down and this year we use that as a motivation, especially because half of our team are seniors so we know this could be our last year so we use that as motivation to get back in the game.

What are your personal and team’s goals for the remainder of the season?

I want to get better stats than I did last year because this is the first year Pearsall is running the 5 1 so I’m using that to my advantage. Our team goals is every season we end up losing in the third round of the playoffs and we want to get past that.

What does your head coach mean to you?

Pearsall has taught me everything I know about volleyball. He’s the only coach I’ve ever had. I definitely give a lot of props to him.

When did you start playing volleyball?

I started playing in the seventh grade. (Pearsall coaches the middle school team as well)

What are your plans for after high school?

I’m hoping to get a volleyball scholarship somewhere and eventually I want to be in the medical field.

Why do you want to be a doctor?

I love helping people and already now in high school I’m taking the classes required so by the time I graduate I already have my CNA license. I also like working with kids, so I want to be a pediatrician.

Why do you love playing volleyball?

Whenever I’m playing, everything else leaves my head and it makes me happy.

Did you watch volleyball during the Olympics?

Do you think you compare more to between Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May Treanor?

Misty May. I like her because she’s not the tallest one out there, but she plays like she’s six feet tall. Mesothelium usually may be the title regarding tissues this options blackout lining of varied technique body organs similarity to cardiovascular system, lungs, abdomen in addition to reproductive : body organs. The lining all around abdomen organs is termed peritoneal membrane layer. Cellular lining circular lung area referred to as pleural membrane layer whilst the liner rounded heart and soul is termed pericardium.
ralph lauren mens polo shirts on sale Topsail volleyball

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