burgundy polo shirts Low Speed Vehicles Now Street Legal

polo winter hat Low Speed Vehicles Now Street Legal

That’s why the law doesn’t apply to golf carts and ATVs, but now permitted on the street, utility vehicle drivers can’t take shortcuts. “They have to drive in the lanes and do what other cars do,” said Conboy.

Though allowed on Nebraska streets and highways, some utility vehicle operators worry about life in the fast lane. Would you drive this on the street? “Would I? No.”

The law does give cities like Omaha the option of enacting restrictions on low speed vehicles that take to the streets. Conboy said that’s been discussed at City Hall.

Anyone who thinks utility vehicles would make good taxis for the College World Series, they need a state cab license.

However the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles has a more strict interpretation of the law than the Omaha City prosecutor. DMV has a different definition of a low speed vehicle that is eligible for $15 registration fee, carries a license plate and the vehicle may be operated on roadways where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less.

Nebraska DMV interprets that utility vehicles and ATV’s are not eligible for registration and can only be operated within the city limits if the city has passed an ordinance allowing such operation or outside of city limits if used for agricultural purposes.

Nebraska DMV said the main thing to know about the low speed vehicles is that the manufacturer has built the vehicle to meet the Federal standards set for low speed vehicles. The easiest way to tell if it qualifies as a low speed vehicle is to look at the DOT sticker on the vehicle it will state if it is a low speed vehicle.
burgundy polo shirts Low Speed Vehicles Now Street Legal

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