create polo shirt Macy converting part of Altamonte store into outlet shop

polo factory store Macy converting part of Altamonte store into outlet shop

Macy’s will make part of its Altamonte Mall department store a Macy’s Backstage outlet center.

Macy’s is opening Backstage May 6 in a 16,600 square foot space on the second floor of its Altamonte Springs location.

Macy’s Backstage is a store within a store concept that’s a cross between Macy’s traditional offerings and an outlet store. It includes many of the house brands from Macy’s, but Backstage has as its own team of buyers and planners, as well.

In addition to clothes and shoes, it will sell cosmetics, jewelry and home items.

Macy’s launched the Backstage stores last year to try to keep up with competition from fashion discounters such as H Forever 21 and a growing number of clearance centers.

“We created Macy’s Backstage for the seasoned outlet shopper who enjoys the excitement of the treasure hunt but whose time and money is a commodity,” Vanessa LeFebvre, senior vice president and general merchandise manager of Macy’s Backstage stores, said in a news release.

Macy’s has opened 28 of the Backstage stores nationwide. The Altamonte Mall store will be the first in Florida.

The new store will have mobile check out stations, free wireless internet and charging stations. Backstage will also feature “trend boards” to give shoppers peaks into trends.

Merchandise should be 20 to 80 percent off the price at other department stores, Macy’s said.

Macy’s follows a growing number of department stores looking at clearance stores to appeal to more shoppers.

Nordstrom has moved into discounted apparel with its Nordstrom Rack concept and recently opened its second Central Florida Nordstrom Rack store in Winter Park. Dillard’s has turned two of its local department stores into clearance centers at Orlando Fashion Square and West Oaks Mall. The clearance centers have limited hours compared to full function Dillard’s stores.

“Essentially (Macy’s is) creating a lower priced brand within their own store,” said Kevin Murphy, a business and hospitality professor at the University of Central Florida. “They are losing market share and looking for a way to get it back.”

Orange County has two outlet malls, and a new outlet center was recently completed in Daytona Beach, giving consumers another reason to skip aging department stores in favor of discounts directly from popular brands, Murphy said.

Macy’s has been one of the hardest hit by the increased competition from internet retailers and deep discounting apparel stores. After a disappointing holiday sales season, the Cincinnati based retailer announced it was closing 68 stores nationwide, including the 195,000 square foot location at Oviedo Mall. on Sundays.
create polo shirt Macy converting part of Altamonte store into outlet shop

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