polo black label Longtime clothing store destroyed

real polo Longtime clothing store destroyed

WATERLOO A longtime source of fashion in Waterloo has been reduced to rubble as a Monday night fire gutted Tri City Clothing.

As the sun rose Tuesday, all that remained of the shop at 713 Logan Ave. was ice covered facade containing charred debris.

The roof fell after taking a beating from flames, and only three walls remain. The fourth wall, on the north side of the building, collapsed onto Edwards Street, and passersby on Tuesday were cautioned to stay back for fear of the east wall caving in.

“Probably due to the fire, there was a burglar alarm, and police were responding,” said Capt. Bill Harter with Waterloo Fire Rescue. Officers saw the smoke and called the fire department.

Luckily, the store, located on the corner of Logan and Edwards, was adjacent to vacant lots, and nearby homes weren’t in any immediate danger of igniting, Harter said.

Heavy flames continued in the building’s upper level for hours as crews fought the fire from outside.

“When that wall fell, that finally opened it up for us,” Harter said. to handle a flare up and remained for about an hour.

The cause of the fire hasn’t been determined, and officials said it will take time to sort through the rubble.

WATERLOO Firefighters spent the night battling an inferno that broke out in a longtime clothing store Monday.

Flames flickered through the roof and flared in second story windows at Tri City Clothing,
polo black label Longtime clothing store destroyed
as crews with Waterloo Fire Rescue aimed torrents of water into the building. Firefighters entered the business in the early moments of the response but soon pulled back when they realized the extent of the fire, said Michael Moore, a battalion chief.

“The building is so chopped up, and there is a common attic, and that’s where a lot of the fire is at. It just got to a point where it wasn’t safe to have people in,” Moore said. “It just kind of escalated to a point where as much as they were looking, as much fire as they were hitting there was still more fire, so that’s when they decided to go defensive.”

Firefighters left the building and fought it from the outside. One of the department’s aerial trucks dumped water down from above. Even so, the fire continued to rage for hours.

Partway into the fight, crews had to hook hoses to a second hydrant that was linked to a different main because they were having trouble drawing enough water, Moore said.

“The aerial is going to need a lot more water than what we had available, so by going to a different circuit, that’s going to help us,” Moore said.

No injuries were reported as the fire broke out after Tri City Clothing had closed for the night.

“We closed at 6 o’clock. They called at 9 and said the burglar alarm had went off They called back and said nobody broke in, it’s a fire,” said owner Harry Carson said as he watched as heavy smoke billowed from business, so thick it occasionally obscured the two story building.

Carson started the business in 1982 and ran it with family members. He said the store took up both floors of the building.

“We had shoes in the room that they are shooting in now. That was a room full of shoes,
polo black label Longtime clothing store destroyed
” Carson said as he pointed to a second floor window toward the back of the structure where flames licked at the frame and firefighters directed streams of water.

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