polo ralph lauren glasses Macy’s to open outlet store inside Southlake Mall location

polo after shave Macy’s to open outlet store inside Southlake Mall location

Macy’s is going to open a store within a store outlet inside its department store at Southlake Mall in Hobart. 30 and Mississippi Street on June 17. Macy’s is carving 17,000 square feet out of the first floor of the 165,000 square foot store to make room for the new outlet store, with items marked down from 20 percent to 80 percent, while the rest of the store will remain a full line department store.

“Macy’s Backstage is a new experience for our customers who enjoys the thrill of the hunt, providing fashion and brands at a great value,” Macy’s Chief Merchandising Officer Tim Baxter said. “The Backstage concept caters to the fashion savvy, cost conscious shopper that expects her local store to keep up with her fast paced lifestyle. The layout is designed for maximum efficiency, while the merchandise offering changes constantly to reflect the newest trends.”

While Macy’s is closing stores across the nation amid a tough retail environment, it’s hiring in Northwest Indiana’s busiest commercial area. Macy’s spokeswoman Carolyn Ng said the Southlake Mall store would add 10 to 12 more workers to serve as its “Backstage Crew.”

“At this time, the Macy’s Backstage at Southlake will be the only one in Chicago/Indiana,” she said.

More and more new stores opening in Northwest Indiana have been outlet or discount stores, including the Nordstrom Rack and Talbots Company Store at Shops on Main in Schererville.

“Carving retail space within the full line department store on the first floor, this new retail combination of an outlet store within a store gives shoppers a new discount destination located right inside of their favorite store,” Macy’s said in a press release.
polo ralph lauren glasses Macy's to open outlet store inside Southlake Mall location

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