black polo hoodie How Many Xanax Do You Have To Take To Kill Yourself

polo by ralph How Many Xanax Do You Have To Take To Kill Yourself

It has profoundly affected his father and I, his sisters and the rest of the family as well. Please, Please reach out for help if you feel like you are wanting to harm yourself.

I have Congestive Heart Failure. I need a Valve job but I am not a candidate for another open heart surgery. My chest has been cracked open 2 previous times. I am having pain in the same breast that I had breast cancer 3 yrs ago. I have a cough that won’t go away, and have found a small lump near my anal cavity. My first heath episode was when I was 19, with 4th stage Hodgkin’s Disease. I have been sick my entire adult life. Oh, I forgot to mention. I had a stroke Thanksgiving Day, 2013. I am 63 and very tired, and dare anyone to chastise me for wanting to euthanize myself. Walk a mile in my shoes. I weigh ninety lbs, and wish to know how many Xanax 0.5 would it take to end my misery. Please take me seriously, because I am serious.

There are groups you can contact to guide you, and books you can read if that is your choice. Xanex can kill, but it’s not all that common unless you are drinking. The last thing you need is to be put away and loss your dignity if things go wrong, and it sounds like you are grasping at straws. I’m so sorry you are going through this, and I really do not think you are thinking clearly because nobody is chastising you, although I’m sure you know what this will do to those you leave behind. Get more facts, and you might see things better.

I understand where you’re coming from even if others don’t. I’ve been fighting anxiety/depression all my life (50 years) About 8 years ago the IBS started. SEVERE IBS. I’m sick almost every day. Constant nausea and loose stools. The pain is so severe, I just want it all to end. If it happened once a month it would be one thing but almost every day is unbearable. and I have to work and support myself at the same time. So, I understand why you want to give up, I do too. Who wants to live a life of torture? Talking to someone doesn’t fix it. Doctors can’t fix it.

I’m ready to go as as well I wish more were understanding how can I fall asleep and never awake I’m clean from heroin 45 days but the memories consume me I have a husband I love a dog (daizy) I need in my life and a Bff with 3 kids who adore me and me vice versa but without me there problems will stop and they can focus on themselves it’s not my fault they should want my peace I sleep all day and daizy is in a kennal I wanted a home a normal one with my hubby n pup not all this chaos now I feel death is what I missed out on dec 4 it should have been me I have no family I would let down the ones I mentioned but wouldn’t they know I’m finally at peace tonight I hope this works I fill my whole script Monday so not to long write a book about me look me up I love you baby I’m sorry I broke this promise and Sarah you are the best it wasn’t you its my own demons

I been of heroin 8 months keep your head up look forward to another day of being clean an live life day by day life is short live it now that u are making the right steps in life to make a better future don’t dwell on the past because this is now an forever if u take your life how would your kids life be with no more a bf no girl an a family that would be broken you have beat the devil u have faith in your self an higher hopes an just do what u have always wanted an achieve your goal in life an be successful you got it in you I ain’t even made it there yet to be 100 on my feet an been clean out months but hey I escaped the devil an that’s something I treasurer everyday

actually thats a lie. anybody can live and anybody can die it does not take a “hero” to live nor to die. tho u can be scared either of living or of dying. and u can only decide if u will do one or the other. if u will fight the fear or no. cause it does not really matter we r all living and dying right now and we all will die one day so idk why yall make such a big deal if someone commits a suicide or dies other way. its their life and if they were not happy with it why not end it?? they would die anyways just later and they would have to go through some more shit. and honestly what is that good for? nothin . thats all im out and sorry for replying with this stupid pointless comment 3 years after u wrote yours tho i couldnt help it :,)

and yeah maybe im depressed af but at least i see it as it is

I’m gay married to a fantastic woman, I have a beautiful daughter and come from a great family. However, I’m depressed and low because of my sexual orientation and the fact that I cannot come out to my family. I have panick attacks , IBS and problems at work and now I really feel I’m better off dead than being alive ! I can totally understand anyone trying to take their life. I’ve been to therapy and taken medication and I just feel absolutely worthless. I’m fed up of the world and I just want to give up the ghost and Rest In Peace but I’m too much of a coward to do that 🙁 I’ve lived a lie most of my life and still living a lie . I just feel my life isn’t mine ! I turned to religious beliefs and I struggle with my faith too

You really are oblivious in your comment clearly have no idea what it’s like to be in a position where you don’t want to live anymore whether it be for health reasons or psychological trauma. like “it will get better for you at the right time or you’ll meet a great person who will make your life better.” No one ever wants to accept that it’s not always the case, not everyone can have their happy ending. They just say it because it makes them, not you feel better. I’m sure this will get removed but with all due respect, go fuck yourself with your ignorant hero comment.

What the fuck dont do it most of us onlylive to bout sixty five if were lucky go out get laid do some traveling save yourself the hastle and just ride out the rest of you life. You never know it cant rain all the time. Even if our life is in complete shite you could still make a difference to someone elses lif and be remembered as a good person notjust some feel sorry for yourself give up merchant. Well all be dead soon enough but some people will look back on us an smile not cringe. DONT DO IT poopy seeds my ass.

I don’t know the answer to this very question I was seeking. but after carefull consideration, I’ve decided this is foolish as far as, if you get it wrong, you could live through it and wind up brain dead/retarded without the functions to finish yourself off properly. Then, I happend to catch a Opra show on the S Word. All this taught me was make sure to do it correctly, to fuck up on something like this is just going to give you more guilt and displeasure with life.

After making the tea, I suggest making plans to find a body of water such as the ocean or a lake and after consumption of said tea,. and not feel the pain. Even if you don’t believe in religion, like monty python said, “you’ve come from nothing, your going back to nothing, so what have you lost?. but nothing really matters as there is no Matter to begin with, only the mind of the logos and all its infinite parts reflected back unto itself. Cherio

yeah all of you dicks that post these bull shit replys people really want to know this shit and are maybe hoping someone will give enough of a fuck to say dont answer the fucking question or offer up some kind words of hope. people who really feel like this dont need a bunch of asshole bloggers pushing them any harder than life already has so to everyone who wrote an asshole comment to you i issue a friendly FUCK YOU you dont know what people are going through i hope you all sleep well tonight. FUCKERS. to all of the nice people thank you for trying but you cant save us all

I had a friend with a similar illness as I have, but worse, who used the pills, helium and bag over her head combination. I found that rather morbid and sad. However, she was ill and had a fairly low quality of life despite family and partner that loved her, so I don’t blame her.

I would hope that if you try xanax in combination with something else that it would be an absolute last resort and because you had something physical for which there was no cure and little or no hope. If there is any hope, or if it’s depression outside of a major illness, I hope you would try first to get counselling and maybe make some changes in life. Take risks you wouldn’t normally take and maybe you’d be surprised with some unexpected pleasurable changes.

Thinking of you and hoping for a good outcome, either way. For an improved life if there is hope, or for a successful painless death if there isn’t.

I totally agree. Suiciding is not selfish. People who kept saying we gave up on life just never try to put themselves in our shoes. There really is no point in living when no one is the e to help despite having the NAMI or WAO, all they do is prolong our sufferings. Yes, everyone needs to have someone they can talk to but what’s the to nt in that if they’re not sincere? People nowadays are rarely sincere I helping anyone. To those who keep thinking we are not serious in taking our lives, I hope you’ll go through the extremely unhappy lives we’ve been through in the future.

If you really want to make it, Xanax isn’t enough. No matter how many pills you could washed down doctors still be able to save you these days.

I took cocktail of pills. Pain killers, anti depressants, minor tranquilizers, flu tablets, recreation drugs and so on. I took about 400 pills in total within 2 hours and was found unconscious 12 hours later. Almost dead. How could doctors saved me was unknown. Doctors told my family that I would die in any moment. Yet still typing this shit in my room. Even not in a hospital room. Very much unfortunately I hadn’t learn a lot and most likely will try again sometime in the future.

I need to figure out the other way.

Pills don’t work. Doctors could easily outweigh them.

If you want to go with pills, go to a desert island isolate yourself completely then take as many pills as you could get.
black polo hoodie How Many Xanax Do You Have To Take To Kill Yourself

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