polo raincoat How to amp up your kids’ style for cheap

plain polo shirt How to amp up your kids’ style for cheap

I love keeping up with trends or making my own, and so does my fiance. Naturally because it is a passion of ours, we get to express it with our son as well. Once he can pick out his own clothes I’m sure we will be happy to let him have his own style, but for now we love dressing him like our little mannequin. Until my son was one, I still dressed him in what I consider sweet little baby clothes. Once he began walking, I felt more comfortable dressing him in little boy clothes. Clothes can obviously be expensive, but there are ways around that, and stores to look for.

We have found some amazing deals at Old Navy. They have the cutest little people clothes, and a huge selection! We got Grey a cute five panel hat there to match his dad.

We have had a ton of luck shopping their sales and finding pieces that are different from the norm, and that can be mix and matched with things he already has.

Go to Ross or TJ’s. We love little polo brand stuff for Greyson for when he goes to church or a nice function. The quality is great and it washes and wears very well for how tough little ones can be on their clothes. The prices are unbeatable and there is usually a great selection at both places if you get there at the right time. We get a lot of his shoes here as well!
polo raincoat How to amp up your kids' style for cheap

Try a new hair cut. I know how crazy people are about their kids’ hair, but why do they have to look shaggy when you get nice haircuts for yourself? Again, I did not cut my son’s hair until he was a year old. I’m not trying to encourage my baby to be a toddler too soon, but when the time comes, something changes in their demeanor and so should their little sense of self and style. My son has a haircut like his dad and we think it matches his little personality. (This was not easy for me at first as I was very attached to his hair and I know for some reason a lot of moms are! I like the shaved sides though, it’s easier to maintain.)

Think about what you’re OK spending money on. My husband to be, Matt, LOVES shoes. Not just any kind, only the retro releases that are hard to get and only appreciate in value as time goes on. Matt has collected them from a young age so it’s something sentimental and fun for him. He buys Greyson a pair here and there because he wants him to have a collection as he gets older. They are not cheap, but they hold more value to us because it’s something he can keep forever. Everyone has something like this for their kids and you should without feeling guilty!
polo raincoat How to amp up your kids' style for cheap

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