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Performance Make Up Make UpDancers need a dramatic stage presence. It is of the utmost importance that team dancers look as similar as possible in every aspect. Foundation, under eye concealer, and loose or pressed powder are required. Match these to your skin tone. Choose your own foundation due to skin sensitivities.

Blush L’Oreal True Match, Tender Rose C3 4. Apply this powder blush using a brush, highlighting the “apple” of the cheek, and then brushing back along the cheek bone towards ear. Shadow and Eyes If you bought the Serene colors last year, keep using them. For a new dancer, the equivalent is Revlon Photoready 525. Apply the blue to lid,
www.polo boots HotFoot Cloggers
charcoal grey at crease, and pearl white to highlight brow bone. Apply black eyeliner along bottom and top lash line. Finish with dramatic black mascara. Lipstick L’oreal 8 HR Infallible Legloss 320 Red Fatale. (We use this for costumes that are RED)

Lip liner RIMMEL 021 Red DynamiteApply liner, then gloss lightly. Blot if necessary to keep off teeth. New pink lipstick for non red costumes Revlon HD (High Definition) 820 Petunia.

Please come to competitions, shows and performances with make up applied.

No necklaces, nail polish, watches, bracelets, etc.

Saturday Sept 10 ALL TEAM DANCES 8:30AM


DANCERS: Sharon or Lauren Ann will meet you at the gates with your entrance tickets. Spectators will have to pay to enter the fair. SPECTATOR TICKETS ARE $9 AT THE GATE. $7 IN ADVANCE AT INGLES.
www.polo boots HotFoot Cloggers

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