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Acceptance of Gifts and Favors by Employees

No employee of the College or member of an employee’s immediate family may accept any gift, services, special accommodations or other favors (valued at more than $250.00) from any supplier or from any other party with which the College does business.

With the exception of certified service animals and animals specially approved for the educational purposes of the College, the presence of animals in all College owned or leased buildings, including residential and non residential buildings is prohibited, with the possible exception of College rental housing. For rental properties, this issue will be addressed on a case by case basis. Dogs and other animals are permitted on campus roads, walks, and grounds, as they are in the local community, when they are on a leash and controlled by the owner. It is the owner’s responsibility to clean up after the animal.

The Digest is an online communication email that is sent to segmented audiences twice a day. The content of the information posted comes from individuals of the Gettysburg campus community.

Children at the Workplace

The presence of small children in the workplace on a regular basis can cause difficulty and awkwardness for co workers and other members of the campus community. While an occasional emergency may arise when a parent or guardian would have to bring a child to work for a limited period of time, the College does not expect this to occur on a regular basis, especially given the concern for possible injuries and accidents to the children and for the College’s responsibility in the event of an accident or injury.

Gettysburg College Computer Network Use Policy

Introduction: Gettysburg College provides a campus computer network, including access to the Internet, for students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, parents, and friends of Gettysburg College in order to further the educational purposes of the College. Use of the Gettysburg College network is governed by this Network Use Policy and is subject to all applicable federal, state,
marco polo s Employee Handbook Section Thirteen
and local laws as well as the rules and regulations of the College. Access that is necessary to render services or to protect the property of the provider of the service is allowed under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (ECPA). Further, electronic mail (email) is neither secure nor protected by the laws that apply to the United States Postal Service. Email sent from a machine on the Gettysburg College network is considered College business and is not private property.

Privileges of Network users Privacy

Privacy: The College respects the fundamental privacy of electronic communication on the campus network. The College does, however, reserve the right to gain access to otherwise private network correspondence or files maintained on the campus network. Such access would occur in certain specific circumstances in which a possible violation of the Network Use Policy must be investigated in order to protect the integrity and effective functioning of the campus network. System administrators may also require access to otherwise private files maintained on the campus network as part of regular system maintenance. An attempt will be made to notify the user of this access in advance whenever possible and appropriate. Such access is governed by applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Access: The primary purpose of the College’s network is to support academic endeavors. This priority is followed by the College’s business requirements. Beyond these primary functions, all users of the Gettysburg College network will generally be granted equitable access to as many network services as technology and network capacities allow.

Intellectual Freedom: Gettysburg College encourages a free and open forum for personal expression. This includes viewpoints that are unorthodox or unpopular. Except for official statements from appropriate College officers, Gettysburg College does not officially endorse any opinions stated on the network.

Protection from Harassment: All members of the College community are encouraged to communicate differing perspectives. Community members are also, however, entitled to work and live in an environment free of harassment. Therefore any network activity that violates the College’s harassment policy is prohibited. Defamatory remarks and obscenity are also prohibited. The use of overt profanity is strongly discouraged.

Responsibilities of Network Users

Account Responsibility: Access to the network is through individual accounts with password protection. Accounts and passwords are not to be shared. All willful violations of this policy that can be traced to an individual account name will be treated as the sole responsibility of the owner of that account.

Network Degradation: The running of programs, services, systems, processes or servers by a single user, or group of users, that may substantially degrade network performance or accessibility will not be allowed. Electronic chain letters, mail bombs, spamming and excessive recreational use of the network are prohibited. Commercial software licensed to Gettysburg College may be installed only on machines expressly covered by the licenses. Upon request from a network administrator, individuals who have software licensed to them and installed on a Gettysburg College computer shall produce original disks and/or documentation to verify compliance.

Printing: Network users are expected to use network printing in a responsible manner by printing only those materials essential to educational, academic, or College needs and by printing selected text rather than full text when possible.

Business Transactions/Personal Use: The conduct of occasional private business or financial transactions when such uses are clearly incidental or sporadic is permitted.

Remote Server Services: Approval from the Vice President for Information Technology and, for students, the Dean of the College is required before any member of the Gettysburg College user community may install or use any remote access software or any server software on any computer connected to the Gettysburg College computer network.
marco polo s Employee Handbook Section Thirteen

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