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For weeks, a family at Baconsfield Apartments in east Macon had jammed a sofa against the front door of its second floor apartment because the door’s key was lost and the family said it had no other way to secure the place. For safety, the man, woman and three children living there all slept in a back bedroom. on Jan. 6, one of the people inside the apartment where the family lives reportedly heard “a loud noise” in the family’s living room, a Bibb County sheriff’s report noted. The family hurried to another room, tossed three mattresses out a window and, after the man of the house leaped to safety, he had the children’s mother “throw him the children,” the report added. The mother then jumped out and hurt her back. They called for help, but no one ever saw an intruder. The man of the house, the mother’s boyfriend, later told the cops he “did not see or hear anyone trying to get into the apartment. He said they jumped out of the window because they were scared of the noise.”

A man arrested last summer on a shoplifting charge was convicted recently in a caper that involved the theft of his own shoes. Yes,
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his own shoes. According to sheriff’s reports and an official familiar with the matter, the man went into Plato’s Closet, a secondhand clothing shop on Tom Hill Sr. Boulevard in north Macon, and sold his shoes. The man later claimed the store paid him $4 and that a day or so after that, when the man was in the store again, he noticed his shoes with $100 price tag on them. Or so he said. So, he stole them. An anonymous tipster gave the cops the man’s name and he was jailed. The man has since been sentenced to a year of probation and been ordered to pay $50 restitution. No word on what became of the shoes.

Dispatches: A guy shopping at the Family Food store Montpelier Avenue in Macon told a cop that he “got mad” on Jan. 7 because a clerk there was rude. According to a Bibb sheriff’s report, the customer, 27, admitted that to get back at the clerk “he did slap a half dozen eggs and break them.” . . . On Jan. 3, a woman who was about to move into a house on Winston Drive off Canterbury Road in southwest Macon noticed that someone had busted a window, gone inside and written gang signs and messages on the bedroom walls. A sheriff’s report said the messages included: “Merry Christmas,” “follow YGBG Macon Facebook” and “I’m going (to) kill Trump.” . . . Another sheriff’s report notes that a Lizella area woman called the cops on Jan. 5 to report that during a family emergency at an area hospital “her sister in law was overbearing toward her.”
polo sport ralph lauren Family tosses mattresses out window

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