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With the exception of Rivers, Allen, Perryman, the rest of the squad has underperformed or perhaps performed to their potential because they were not that good to begin with. I am NOT calling for a firing (Except maybe the Strength Conditioning coach) but it is time to start drafting Lineman in the 1st Rd, which the Chargers haven’t done in 25 yrs. Cap hit of about $1 million. With both Brown and Jones, the cost has exceeded the performance, as the sports quants like to say. Brown was of some help last year. This year, their contributions are nil and Jones hurt the team yesterday letting the punt land and roll to the 3. A year ago he was good for the Ravens. (On the topic of Jacoby Jones, give credit to Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. Huge game. Made all 5 FGs. I realize the injuries ,but they had more than just a chance at winning the game. really liked McCoy when he was hired but ,not so sure now. Special teams has been an abomination all year , undisciplined play like the unsportsmanlike conduct on 3rd 18 which led to a Ravens field stuff goal,
polo promotional code Chargers chat with Tom Krasovic
stuff that McCoy keeps saying they will “Watch the film and clean it up”. And am tired of hearing about fighting to the bitter end. Some where along the line you have to fight and WIN. Not just talk about it. Can’t see them doing much better than 5 11 or 6 10. Will McCoy survive this? Like I said have been an east coast fan for 50 years am wondering if I am going to live long enough to see them win a Super Bowl.

by Richard 11/2/2015 7:06:37 PM

The defense is pathetic. Brandon Flowers simply can not play anymore, Jahleel Addae never could play i dont care about his work ethic the dude is horrible, for all the talk about Donald Butler being in great shape this preseason he is non existant, I know Liuget got hurt but is he worth his contract? no, Eric weddle before getting hurt was having his worst year that I could remember, there is inconsistant and then there is whatever melvin ingram is. This defense is terrible the only pieces that consistantly come to play are Verrett and Attaochu. Telesco dont look too bright right about now.

by Luke 11/2/2015 7:08:08 PM

Dean Spanos has said the pursuit of franchise relocation is due to protecting long term interests. I would hope the same applies in how he views the head coach, the GM and other key roles. The reason to make a change is you would think he can’t get you where you want to go. I still don’t think 6 10 would get McCoy fired, but if there are more performances like the one against the Raiders, it’d be very tough to keep him. Eight games to go.

RIvers will turn 34 in December and is under contract through 2019. He looks fit and is having an efficient year. So I don’t think his time is running out, though he is running the ball less than last year and his limited mobility has been evident on a few under center dropbacks.

The Chargers are failing Rivers. Of that, there’s no doubt. They have given him a good group of skill players. The pass pro has improved in recent games. But the overall talent is lacking. Bad defenses. Bad special teams. Bad run games the last two years. He isn’t blameless, but they are wasting a franchise quarterback.
polo promotional code Chargers chat with Tom Krasovic

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