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Get your menswear inspiration from these celebs

(Suit: GotStyle, Shirt: GotStyle)

The air tie is the trend of buttoning up your shirt all the way to the top and then wearing no tie at all. Apparently it has quite the history it was adopted by rebellious schoolboys in England who excluded the accessory most associated with “the man” the tie!

This look is modern and clean and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Surprisingly, it still looks just as formal as a tie would look especially if you get a shirt that hides the buttons. Pair it with a checkered suit to keep things interesting and to add a flair that your tie might have done for you. The texture of the suit is everything with this style make sure your shirt is crisp and tailored. Flimsy definitely won cut it in this situation!

(Shirt: Dolce Gabbana (Harry Rosen), Jeans Shoes: Harry Rosen, Hat Cardigan: 18 Waits )

Denim on denim was once deemed a cardinal sin in the fashion world, but it now officially cool! It can be hard to pull off without looking like you from the wild, wild west, but this look is iconic for a reason it makes you look rugged and handsome without trying too hard.

The fit of the jeans is key nothing too baggy or too distressed. You want a straight leg slim cut jean. Wearing denim on denim doesn mean you have to mix your true blues switch things up with grey or black jeans to make things easy, or contrast your lights and darks.

Another great tip is to combine old with new so wear your faded Levi with a raw denim jacket. The darker the denim, the dressier it can look. You can even add a chunky cardigan to look extra cuddle worthy, but don add cowboy like accessories such as a big belt or a cowboy hat!

(Jacket: Strellson, Shirt: Strellson, Pants: Strellson, Shoes: Hugo Boss)

Nothing will spice up a boring outfit like a splash of colour. Try colour blocking but only wear one bold piece at a time. A coloured pant is a big statement, so be prepared to turn heads. If you don want to go red right away, you can ease in with a brighter blue it a good way to try colour!

If you going for a trench choose a khaki or something other than black or beige because it still a neutral, but it more interesting. A double breasted option also adds more interest and shows more sophistication.

Instead of a cotton polo, try the knit polo! It looks more expensive, elevates the look, and it doesn add bulk because it very thin. And don forget everything else needs to be neutral when you doing a bold pant!

Next, we got the double breasted suit. It more of an older man suit, but the hip kids are making it cool again. A double breasted suit is not for everybody you have to be a slimmer person because it adds width down the centre of your body. We added a striped T shirt to make it more casual. A T shirt is always a good thing to have it a great staple. Instead of a basic shirt, go for something with detail. It these subtle details that make you look more stylish! Be sure to have fun with your T shirt because a double breasted suit is a little more serious. The sneaker adds a cool factor and makes it more playful, but you still polished and pulled together. Make sure the suit is not too boxy the length of the sleeves and pant need to be on point!

(Jacket: GotStyle, Pants: GotStyle, Shirt: Paul Smith, Cardigan: GotStyle)

When you wearing layers, make sure you layering thin pieces so you not adding bulk. If you going for classic pieces, look for quality think fine wools, exceptional cuts, and neutral colours. If you going to wear khaki pants, make sure the cut is great. They need to be slightly tapered (not super skinny) and a softer fabric. Khakis are supposed to be relaxed and not too crisp. Also, make sure you get the right length or get them tailored so they not bunching up at the bottom and adding extra weight.

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