coachella polo grounds Florence woman indicted on robbery charges

us polo association watches Florence woman indicted on robbery charges

FLORENCE A Florence woman’s decision to fight with loss prevention and police over clothes rather than be arrested for a misdemeanor shoplifting charges, has resulted in the woman being indicted for robbery, officials said.

“Once she refused to cooperate and starting fighting to get away with the clothes, it went from a simple shoplifting misdemeanor to a felony,” said police detective Alex Guynn.

Second degree robbery is a Class B felony and is punishable by 2 20 years in prison. Resisting arrest is a Class B misdemeanor, which carries a penalty of a fine and up to six months in jail, if convicted.

Graham was indicted during the September session of the Lauderdale County grand jury.

Police said Graham was arrested April 15 after the incident that happened at a business in the Florence Mall.

According to reports, Graham and two others who were with her were confronted after they were accused of taking clothes valued at $106.

“Apparently, the suspects were trying to leave with the clothing when loss prevention officers confronted them, and they started fighting to get away,” Guynn said.

He said police were called. After they arrived, Graham continued to fight with officers. The two other suspects ran off.

Guynn said no one was injured in the confrontation.

“When Graham used physical force in the commission of a theft, and fought with the loss prevention officers and police officers, her crime became a felony,” he said.
coachella polo grounds Florence woman indicted on robbery charges

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