polo cardigans Flamenco class being offered in Chico

ralph loren polo Flamenco class being offered in Chico

Chico >> With Chico array of art and entertainment venues and appreciation of culture, Anna Isaacs believes there a niche for her favorite art form: Flamenco dance.

Chico got a taste of her style during Christmas Preview, when she danced at Downtown Dance studio, as well as in a recent Chikoko event called Voom Voom.

It vibrant and strong, but can be gentle and even light hearted, she noted. One or more dancers would be joined by a guitarist, and onlookers would break into rhythmic clapping.

Formerly the head of an out of town nonprofit called CoFED, which supports student run food cooperatives, Isaacs was encouraged to start teaching by friends and those who seen her dance.

While it a weekly session for five weeks, with a fee, Issacs hopes to plant a seed and maybe develop a school. Students male or female will not be flamenco dancers after the first session, but will have the foundation to decide to go further or not.

While professional, costumed flamenco dancers are stunning to the eye, that not what students need.

Isaacs suggests a tight fitting shoe with a small heel about two inches. To start, for men, pants, and a shirt that can be tucked in,
polo cardigans Flamenco class being offered in Chico
and for women, leggings and a loose fitting skirt below the knee that can be scooped up or twirled for emphasis. A large, knotted wrap can do as well.

showed up to my first class in tennis shoes, she said, laughing as she recalled herself at 12 years old. She doesn want anyone to buy shoes or clothes until they feel flamenco is right for them.

Her early instruction was in Louisville, Kentucky, where she grew up. Trying a variety of activities with no satisfaction, she fell in love with flamenco and enrolled in a school there. She moved to Washington state for college and then arrived in Chico about three years ago.

The 29 year old has given performances, but not taught before. Strong in her, though, is the sharing of her passion.

Talking about flamenco, she often punctuates her comments with clenched, dramatic hands, emphasizing the movement strength and meaning.

Isaacs explains the dance form developed in southern Spain in Andalusia in the 1700s, in a place vibrant with various cultures that shaped the flamboyant dance.

Listening to encouragement, she found Downtown Dance wooden floors perfect for her class.

Of flamenco she says, think this will work in Chico because of the dance community and arts community. for the class,
polo cardigans Flamenco class being offered in Chico
she will teach some basics with improvisation.

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