polo comforter set Food and clothing drive for Puerto Rico

polo clothing for cheap Food and clothing drive for Puerto Rico

3.4 million people without power that not just a number to Yarimar Espada.

She thinking about her mother and sister among that crowd, left with nothing after Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico.

“Did you hear something? Or the neighbor or somebody know and go and look for my family please. We don know if they alive or not,” Espada said, an event coordinator.

She got word that her loved ones are safe, but many people are still without answers.

Carlos Cartagena said many of his relatives haven been accounted for since the hurricane.

He working with community members to collect and donate food, water and clothing, with his aunts, uncles and cousins in mind.

“The ones we hear from, all we hearing is they are starving, thirsty. They need water and food right at this moment.” said Cartagena, an event coordinator.

After just a few hours of collecting, the truck was already filled halfway.

From there organizers will drop off the boxes to get shipped to Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Virgin Islands.

“When I see all this going bigger and bigger I really happy because all my friends around here in Erie you know they are different races. They come here and help us,” said Ivan Nieves. He driving the truck to Cleveland so that goods can be shipped to people in need.
polo comforter set Food and clothing drive for Puerto Rico

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