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Attendants with Land of Lincoln Goodwill Industries will be on hand to help people unload their vehicles. For every donation made, a tax donation receipt will be given.

The donation center is being used as a test site, according to Sharon Durbin, Land of Lincoln Goodwill’s president and CEO. “The Danville community’s response will be a good indicator of how well a Goodwill store would do here,” she said.

So, she urged everyone: “Donate, donate, donate.”

The study will continue until mid September, and donated items will be held onto until a decision is made. If a store opens in the building which once was an Osco’s those donations will be used to stock the store.

Pam Dempsey of Danville makes it a habit to visit Goodwill stores at whatever town she’s in, so she was excited to see the Goodwill truck outside a property that has been vacant for years.

“That intersection has undergone some nice redevelopment and as a neighbor a few blocks down, I’m glad to see Goodwill move into the space,” she said. “We’ll make sure the store is a success.”

Durbin said Goodwill stores bring financial support to the community by offering 16 20 jobs. A manager, assistant manager, sorters and others would be hired, and Goodwill offers full benefits.

The retail stores also give space to Goodwill programs, such as Good Prospects, that offer career path services, adult soft skills programs designed as re entry into the work force and programs that put people to work, including those with disabilities, no education or job experience, and others facing barriers to employment, she said.

The donation center accepts clothing, shoes, toys, books, household items, and electronics, including computers, monitors and printers. By donating used clothing and goods to Goodwill, people help divert billions of pounds of usable goods from landfills.

Durbin said so far the response to Goodwill’s presence in the community has been positive, and Goodwill doesn’t try to compete with other thrift shops. “Our focus is to become a link to what everybody else is doing,” she said.

Durbin said she had been looking at the Danville market for a couple of years, and this is the final step to see if a store should open here. In the meantime, a trailer will sit outside the store to accept donations.

Land of Lincoln Goodwill Industries, Inc. is a non profit organization that empowers people with special needs to become self sufficient through the power of work.
juniors polo shirts Goodwill opens donation drop

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