no collar polo shirts Gopher Hole Museum great first foray for kids

polo christmas sweater Gopher Hole Museum great first foray for kids

Seventy one taxidermied gophers, dressed in tiny clothes and arranged in 47 dioramas depicting everything from and Clyde to a fisherman in a stream. It been called (which it is) and it been called (which it isn and it also is called a museum.

It no secret that I love museums. World class, monumental places with marble floors and famous antiquities, the enormous galleries of outrageous modern art, those tiny, local places that illustrate what the people who live in a particular place value about themselves, or quirky, single interest commemorations of an obsession I love them all.

But museums are an acquired taste; a taste that can be acquired if your first experience comes with a massive amount of run! shout! touch! child first experience of a museum should be a joyous exploration, not a close order drill.

And when summer rolls around, and you begin to realize that if you don give your kids something to do they might well drive you or your neighbours or themselves right round the bend, you remember that you always meant to take them to museums and art galleries and all that stuff. This could be the perfect time, right?

Well, sure.

You want your kids to like museums. You want them to appreciate the whole idea of museums, to be engaged and excited about their heritage. What you need to avoid, though, especially for very young children, is the sense that museum going is a chore.

In Alberta, there is no better (or second, third or fourth time, actually) experience, for young or old, than the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington. It actually one of my favourite museums of all time because it so much fun.

It friendly. Very small children will be enchanted. Older kids will be amused. There not a scrap of the or culture about it, which is what you need, because if your first experience with a museum is people telling you that you ought to find this stuff important, chances are, you avoid museums for the rest of your days.

The Gopher Hole Museum isn like that.

It affordable. The admission is $2.00 ($0.50 for kids under 14).

It small the entire thing takes about fifteen minutes to view, which is important, because kids will get bored anywhere inside of a half hour.

It entertaining and charming and the residents of Torrington have gone all out with the theme well, as as you can, which means that they painted the fire hydrants to look like gophers. In overalls. They adorable.

It not terribly far about a two hour drive from downtown Camrose. The trick is to make a day of it: pack a lunch and have a picnic after you toured the room of dioramas depicting little stuffed gophers doing very human things. The kids will have something to talk about, you get a rest before the drive home, and you set the foundation for understanding what a museum is for.
no collar polo shirts Gopher Hole Museum great first foray for kids

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