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Spring presents the perfect time to take a fresh look at the items in your home and decide what should stay and what should go. As you de clutter your home, Goodwill Industries of Northern Illinois can put your unwanted items to good use. When you donate your gently used clothing, housewares and electronics, you are helping Goodwill provide job training and community based services to people in your local community.

Here are the top five things that people don think to donate.

1. Computers: Through a partnership with Dell, Goodwill now accepts computers to be recycled for free, regardless of whether they are in working condition. You can also pack up an old laptop or netbook as well as accessories such as mice and printers and donate them to Goodwill. Through the Dell Reconnect program, Goodwill and Dell offer consumers a way to dispose of computers and accessories in an environmentally responsible way while receiving a tax deduction at the same time.

2. Cell phones: It time to dig out the old cell phones you have hidden away. If you ever upgraded to a new cell phone, it likely you have an old one somewhere at home. Goodwill is working with partners to collect and recycle these phones and keep them out of landfills.

3. Books: If you already read a book and have no plans to read it again,
polo outlet howell mi Goodwill looking for spring donations
donate it to Goodwill. Donating books frees valuable shelf space and makes room for new ones. Check your children rooms for outgrown kid books or your kitchen for cookbooks you haven consulted in the last year.

4. Clothing: You can let go of the jeans that never quite fit or that sweater that wasn quite your style. Goodwill gladly accepts donations of gently used clothing. As you cleaning out your closet, put clothing donations in a pile and, when you finished, bring them to your nearest Goodwill donation center. When you finished going through your closet, that pile might be bigger than you bargained for!

5. Housewares: Sometimes we inherit household items from others or receive them as gifts. If you have a second toaster, vacuum cleaner or blender that you don need, donate it to Goodwill.
polo outlet howell mi Goodwill looking for spring donations

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