polo tee shirts Got to rate Klopp

dress polo shirts Got to rate Klopp

These are some of the reasons why we had to move on from Brendan Rodgers and get a respected and loved manager like Klopp. This is why I will give Klopp this and next season before assessing him. There was some silly talk of sacking Klopp this season but if you do that you would have to replace him with someone of equal or better reputation to guarantee atrraction of top players. Players are literally falling over themselves to play for Klopp and I love it!

No doubt he was awesome in Germany but IMO he struggling big time with how competitive the EPL is. You can just finish above 1 team win the title, there at least 6 with the quality to be in the C/L.

IMO this waiting for the perfect player at the perfect time the perfect price is madness. We need strengthening NOW or we will fall behind. The run away leaders are looking to improve their squad yet here we are doing nothing despite hanging by a thread to a C/L position. Waiting might be a good idea in Germany but in the EPL you will fall behind very quickly, something I fear Klopp is going to find out all too late.
polo tee shirts Got to rate Klopp

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