mens polo sweatpants Memorial Basketball Players Face Theft Charges

polo mansion nyc Memorial Basketball Players Face Theft Charges

MADISON, Wis. Theft charges have been filed against four Madison teens, including two players on Madison Memorial High School’s basketball team.

A criminal complaint charges Albert “Junior” Lomomba, 19, and Jamar Morris, 18, both top players on the basketball team, with misdemeanor retail theft.

Prosecutors allege that Genin and Nash, as Boston Store employees at West Towne Mall, dramatically undercharged for some purchases of Polo Ralph Lauren sweatshirts, charging Lomomba and Morris only a few dollars on hundreds of dollars of store merchandise.

Police said that Genin was working at a register in the men’s department at the Boston Store on the afternoon of Jan. 21 when Lomomba and Morris came to the register to purchase three Ralph Lauren sweatshirts, which sold for $95 each.

Genin lowered the price for the total of those three sweatshirts to $10, according to the complaint.

The complaint said that on the morning of Jan. 21, Nash was also working a cash register at the Boston Store. Morris came to the register with three $95 Ralph Lauren sweatshirts and one $185 Ralph Lauren sweatshirt, and when Nash rang the transaction up, the grand total for the transaction was $5, according to the complaint.

Genin told police that Lomomba and Morris had been looking for Nash because Nash had done price changes for his friends before, the complaint said. Genin told police that on Jan. 21, Nash had left at lunch time and did come back and that Genin then conducted the transaction with Lomomba with Morris standing nearby, the complaint said.

Police said Nash also admitted to investigators that he had been involved in price changing at the Boston Store and knew it was dishonest, according to the complaint.

The charge of misdemeanor retail theft carries a maximum penalty of up to nine months in jail and $10,000 in fines.

WISC TV’s calls to Memorial High School Principal Bruce Dahmen weren’t returned, but he told the Wisconsin State Journal the players served a one game suspension after the incident and will face no further school discipline.
mens polo sweatpants Memorial Basketball Players Face Theft Charges

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