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Senior Editor for Eater LA, Farley Elliott, joined us live to talk about the underground food movement. It’s been happening for a while but more and more underground places are turning their concepts into brick and mortar locations. One of those restaurants that started underground is Dave’s Hot Chicken. One of the founders, Arman Oganesyan of Dave’s Hot Chicken, joined us to share their whole story. Dave’s Hot Chicken is located at 970 N Western Ave in Los Angeles. For more info, you can follow them on Instagram or call 323.536.9711.

“Just because we’ve been doing it the same way doesn’t mean that’s the way we should [in the] future,” explainedEric Jacobs, Chief Development Officer for Marriott International.

The hotel is being built in a unique way using modular construction. The rooms are made in Boise, Idaho, then hauled on tractor trailers to the construction site, which is just down the road from SpaceX. Crews use giant cranes to stack the finished “building blocks” on top of each other to make the finished product.

“You will not tell the difference walking into a modular unit versus a site build. The quality we think is superior, because it needs to withstand the trip down the road,” said Jerry Goodwin of Guerdon Modular Buildings, the facility making the rooms.

Jerry Goodwin, CEO of Guerdon Modular Buildings

Crews can stack up to 25 rooms in place a day. Each modular unit is the standard hotel room size of about 12 to 14 feet across.

“Essentially we do the connect of the plumbing, electrical and HVAC and also some seismic rods to make sure it’s stable,” explained Goodwin.

The rooms arrive on site fully complete. The walls are finished and all of the furnishing are strapped together in the center of the floor. A team of people unwraps everything and puts items where they go.

“Once the unit is in place and we’re ready to outfit the room, we can send four bodies in and they can set up 10 rooms a day and have them completely finished and ready to accept a guest,” saidJacobs.

Marriott says the benefits of modular are mostly time, a higher quality build and less environmental waste. This particular hotel will go up in about a year compared to double that time if it was built completely on site. right now,” saidBrad Wagstaff, Owner and Managing Partner of Mogul Capital, the hotel’s developer.

Brad Wagstaff, Owner and Managing Partner of Mogul Capital

Guests will also notice that the rooms are quieter thanks to double walls between them.

“I love our factory, seeing it in the factory, but this is really the fruits of our labor here when we actually see the building go up,” concludedGoodwin.

NOW WATCH: See a modular room go from all packed up to ready for guests.

Our friends at Boa Steakhouse surprised Chris with their seafood platter and Baked Alaska dessert. BOA’s seafood platters come in grand and deluxe sizes that serve 2 3 and 4 5 respectively, each one features a selection of chilled shellfish, including oysters, clams mussels, prawns, lobster, king crab legs, and ceviche with all the fixings. BOA Steakhouse artfully combines a bold, colorful environment with modern day steakhouse fare. Steaks and chops include a selection of prime Omaha beef such as the “40 Day” Dry Aged New York Strip and the “Bone In” Rib Eye, as well as Certified Organic Beef and Premium American Wagyu, all served with a choice of rubs and house made sauces, including BOA’s own J 1 sauce. A full complement of traditional steakhouse sides is offered, including the Classic Caesar Salad made tableside and Mac n Cheese. The menu also offers tempting poultry dishes and superb seafood options, a wide variety of Sandwiches and Salads at lunchtime, an extensive cocktail menu and a Wine Spectator award winning wine list. They have 2 locations in LA, one in Santa Monica and one in West Hollywood. For more information, you can follow them on social media.

Gayle Anderson was live in downtown Los Angeles at the Central Library at the NEW exhibition “The Industry in Our Backyard: Television Production in Los Angeles 1940s 1980s.”

From Lucy to ALF, from game shows to talk shows, from local news to the made for TV movie, The Industry In Our Backyard: Television Production In Los Angeles 1940s 1980s showcases four decades in the life of the medium that dominated American culture, yet for Angelenos, was just another part of daily life. stations, the crews at work and the stars in action. Mark Hyman, joined us live to talk about his new book, “Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?” In this new book, Dr. Hyman provides an explanation of nutrition science the political, environmental, economic and social issues around food. Dr. Hyman provides a guide on how to make the best choices in each category meat, poultry and eggs, dairy, fish and seafood, veggies, etc. The book is available at book stores everywhere, Amazon, Dr.

Epic! is an app that works on a variety of devices including the iPad and Chromebooks. Teachers can download the app and create collections for their students to read, based on what they’re learning in the classroom. Access to the app is totally free as long as the students are in the classroom. Fifth grade literature and history teacher Hanh Bui has used Epic for the past two years.

“I can quickly find a book and call a group in and say alright, let’s read about this, let’s learn about this,” explainedBui.
polo blue deodorant Morning News

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