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Cornelius Vanderbilt must be rolling over in his very well appointed Staten Island grave.

The Commodore made the first bit of what would become a very substantial fortune in the shipping industry thus the nickname and no doubt had a fundamental understanding of how ships work.

Having run out of slogans hinging on various gold themed clich and thankfully, not returning to the Woody Widenhofer era rallying cry, Fun, Expect To Win the powers that be on West End have settled on Down! shows up on Twitter in hashtags and 140 character pep talks from Coach James Franklin. Everyone really seemed to embrace it as an embodiment of the Franklin era Commodores, full of promise and high expectations.

Not full of nautical knowledge, though.

When anchors go down, the ship stops. Progress halts. Momentum ceases. Stasis sets in. Beaten by the waves, the mighty ship settles in at 6 7.

Now, anchors also represent stability in the language of symbols, and maybe that not a bad message for a program on its sixth coach in 20 years. Maybe that what they are going for, but probably not.

There are plenty of nautical metaphors Vandy could have exploited for its new image:

Sails. The Torpedoes! When Ready. a Big Cannon and We Are Going To Shoot It at You and It Going To Really Hurt, Especially If You Are Ole Miss or Kentucky. only way Down is acceptable in the hyper aggressive ultraviolence of SEC football is if it is appended with On Top of Your Head. that didn fit on a T shirt. Naval Academy on the schedule anytime soon, but they should work that out.

The Midshipmen could teach the a few things how to string together winning seasons under stringent academic requirements, for one. Even the lowest 4th class middy knows that to get the ship to go, the crew must weigh anchor, not drop it.

sports polo shirts Nashville City Paper
Down doesn look like it going anywhere. Much like an anchored ship.

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sports polo shirts Nashville City Paper

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